Tequila’s what makes a smoothie really cool

Smoothies are nice and healthy. Add a bit of good tequila and they are even better. Here comes a couple of recipes for some great smoothies which are easily made

Tequila Fruit Smoothies

•    10 large frozen strawberries
•    1 frozen banana
•    1 cup Tequila. I usually go for mig La Cofradia Blanco. It is cheap but still 100% agave.
•    2 cups of crushed ice
•    1/2 cup water
•    – and maybe: 1/2 slice of lemon or lime juice

Use the blender. Put all ingredients in the blender and giv them a whirl.
Blend them until you reach a creamy consistency. The banana  adds the creaminess. And the lemon or lime enhances the “zing”.
This makes approximately 4 servings.

Tequila Sunrise Smoothie

•    2 scoops sorbet (orange)
•    2 table spoons of fresh orange juice
•    6 table spoons of tequila. For thi sone I like the Casa Noble Silver. It is a bit on the expensive side for a mixed drink, but it is a bloody good tequila and I really dig the aroma it adds to the smoothie.
•    4 ice (cubes)
•    2 table spoons of grenadine
•    1 scoop sorbet (orange, 2 mini scoops)


1 ) Combine the 2 large scoops of orange sorbet & juice with the tequila in a blender & process SLOWLY until smooth.
2 ) Place ice cubes in a tall glass & pour in the sorbet mixture.
3 ) Slowly pour the grenadine into the glass & allow to settle.
4 ) Stir once and decorate with mini scoops of sorbet (& a slice of orange, if desired).

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