Tequila websites – where old flash programmers go to die. — and other ramblings!

schrijver15Did you ever wonder what happen to flash coders when old age sets in? When once young and springy people forever coding away at funny menus which radiates light, suddenly find grey hair at their temples. When the market for websites loading for ten minutes while playing music and displaying a dancing bear, goes down the drain and their employers look elsewhere? When they look at wrinkles in their formerly young and full faces while contemplating, how make that skeleton jump up and down on the website while the user scroll away at the tiny window where all the sites text is placed? I can tell you. They all work within the tequila industry.

Every brand needs one!

Every tequila brand needs a flash website with very, very difficult age verification not only sorting those underage visitors away, but also all those with a short patience. The rest – presumably those with a very long patience will need all of that capability, when navigating the site. Of course you like to listen to that funny Mexican folk song while searching for the cute button to turn it off. And hey – look how the background slowly changes color and displays pictures with nice agave plants!

We do not share. Anything!

schrijver21No, you do not need to print anything from the site! NO! And no, why should you be able to copy paste any of those immortal text or pictures. You might steal them. We know you!

— all that mobile crap!

There have been rumours out there on that internet thing, that flash does not do so well with tablets and phones… Something with something responsive or I don’t know what… But that nice Nokia we bought when at the height of flash euphoria in 2000 works fine for us. Whoever would browse the internet on a bloody phone anyway?

Nooo, we are not social!

It’s all the rage with little icons with a bluish “Facebook_New_Logo_2013” everywhere – and lets make it clear. It’s called Flash programming. Not “Facebook_New_Logo_2013” something! The bluish “f”-thing is a Fad!

Free stuff you say?…

flying_envelope_2Sometimes we are disappointed in our visitors! Some claim they ought to receive a receipt when they have used our contact form… Hogwash! Some claim there ought to be  nice high rez photos and logos and stories and stuff for the press to download from the site. HAH! … Some even feel they should receive an answer from us when using our nice contact form, which even has cute little animated icon showing a letter with wings. Nooo!

What’s that? Joomla and WordPress? Nah…never heard of them. Probably mixto!

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