Tequila & Mezcal of the Year 2021

Denmark has a consumer Tequila & Mezcal award for about 6 years. It is awarded by “the Agave Court” (Agavehoffet). The Agave Court is a bunch of tequila and mezcal enthusiasts who gather 4 times a year and do a massive tequila and mezcal tasting. At the end of the year votes are counted and the award is dealt out.

This 2021 awarding process took things a step further. This year most of the tequila/mezcal distributors joined forces and contributed with what they each found worthy.

The results are in and The Agave Court of Denmark has found the winners:

Ocho Tequila Anejo- Tequila of the year 2021

Tequila of the Year 2021 is Ochos “Ocho Tequila Anejo” (Single Estate, Pierre Ferrand Casks 2017)

“The Agave Court has voted the Ocho Aneje “Tequila of the Year 2021″ becaused it is has the qualities of a true, classic tequila. It has a slight sweetness but is never sweet. It is still fresh with a well nuanced agave taste which mingles perfectly with the oak. Very refined and delicious.”

Del Maguey Wild Jabali - Mezcal of the Year 2021

Mezcal of the Year 2021 is Del Magueys “Del Maguey Wild Jabali Mezcal

“The Agave Court has voted “Del Maguey Wild Jabali” Mezcal of the Year 2021 becuse it is an inspiring and facinating mezcal experience. The flavours is silky soft with lots of smoke,  yet it holds a great sweetness. The aroma is spicy with notes of citrus. Wonderful.”

The market for quality tequila and mezcal has been steadily growing in Scandinavia (as in the rest of the world) in the last 10 years.

The market in Denmark does probably have a very high selection of exceptionally good products thanks to very enthusiastic and knowledgeable distributors and retailers. Copenhagen also sports one of the world very best bars for agave spirits, “The Barking Dog” which is listed among the world top 50 bars. Retailers and distributors like Tequila.dk, Juuls.dk, TequilaClub Denmark, Macy and Sprit & Co has spread the word for many years.


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