Tequila Matchmaker – an app to find your inner tequila heart

I am 55. I DO have a smartphone, and I DO know how to use it. Mostly… I have not really ventured into… you know – “all that app stuff”, because the phones facilities seem enough. But being passionate about my tequila drinking, it finally dawned upon me: Those clever korean fellas at Samsung, never thought about incorporating anything tequila in my phone. But there is a remedy for that! And a good one even: Tequila Matchmaker. A tequila matchmaking app. No less but a LOT more.

The Tequila Matchmaker app is made by Scarlet, a freelance journalist and business consultant currently living in Sonoma, California, with her husband and Taste Tequila partner, Grover. Grover, a former photojournalist turned Internet entrepreneur, discovered tequila relatively late in life but has been making up for it ever since. He is co-founder of PhotoShelter and SportsShooter.com, and has worked in management roles for several large-scale Internet companies including Quokka Sports (NBCOlympics.com, FinalFour.net), and the Chicago Tribune.

The tequila Matchmaker app is a little wonder. It is extraordinarily well designed, with a clear and consistent structure and an interface which has a lot of cozyness to it.

Storing information on 1671 brands, the main interface has 5 tabs, each allowing you to search for tequilas and tequilainformation, but also to interact with other tequila afficionados.
The first tab is divided into four subtabs. A Brand tab, a NOM tab, a User tab and a Nearby tab. The first and second tab allows you to search the database by names and NOMS.
The User tab allows you to see the profiles of all the other users of Tequila Matchmaker and you can twitterstyle “follow” them and subscribe to their news feeds and opinions on what is hot or not.

Tequila Matchmaker review

Tequila Matchmaker. We found Corazon de Jalisco!

When you find a brand, you can click on it and here comes the genius. Exploring the brand information your are led to a list of all their tequilas – but on the same page also to tabs with information as to where it can be purchased and what news there may be on that particular brand. The next tab display news feeds on tequila from a great variety of news distributors like PR  Newswire, the Spirits Business and the Drinks Report.

While exploring brands and specific tequilas, you can insert information as to where you have found the products. That may be in a bar or a restaurant, but also at an online retailer or a supermarket.


 Tequila profiling

Tequila Matchmaker review

Show the world what tequila you are enjoying right now.

What is better though, is the option to profile tequilas. The users are allowed to profile or fingerprint, as it is termed, the tequilas and quite detailed so.  A set of sliders allows the user to tell other users how they percieve a certain tequila. The most general impressions of Agave, Floral, Fruit, Herbal, Spice and Wood may be set using slider, but you may also add from a great selection of other impressions like Butter, Caramel etc, covering the entire tequila taste and aroma spectrum.


The matchmaking part of the app, comes into work, when you have rated a nice number of tequilas. Then the app will start suggesting other tequilas for your. Which you may put on a wishlist.

For enthusiasts and professionals

While the Tequila Matchmaker is great fun and a very good an playful take on a matchmaking app, it is also a very useful tool for the professionals. All information on the product seems up to date and quite detailed too. For people in the business of distributing, retailing or writing, this is really great.

Tequila Matchmaker can be found here: http://tequilamatchmaker.com/

Tequila Matchmaker review

The app presents a nice list of places where you may purchase your tequila. That is nice!

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