Tequila 4 Vidas – a new premium tequila

Tequila 4 VidasThe world of tequila is always pulsating and vibrating. New brands arrive and older ones disappear. It is always a joy to check out the new brands, because behind each brand are persons with a passion for their products.

Tequila 4 Vidas is not an entirely new brand, but here in Europe, very few persons will have heard about it. We took some time and called upon the makers of Tequila 4 Vidas, to hear a little more about this beautiful and tasty product.


Q: How old is the brand?

A: the brand 2 Years (Since 2017), the company 7 years.

Q: Who owns 4 vidas tequila?

A: Arabica y Agave Azul, SA de CV

A: There is a reference to Gabriel Sanchez on you bottles… Who is he?

A: Mr. Gabriel Sánchez is CEO-Founder and Expert Tequila

Q: What distillery /NOM do you use?

A: NOM 1460

Tequila 4 Vidas

The entire product line up of Tequila 4 Vidas

Q: It seems you are using french oak barrels for ageing?….

A: We have now barrels imported from Francia, with two different roasts.

Q: Where in Mexico are you located?

A: Factory is in Arandas (Highlands of Jalisco) and the Central office is in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex.

Tequila 4 VidasQ: What does the name 4 vidas refer to? The ageings?

A: The origin of the 4 VIDAS® brand is by Owner + Wife + Two Children

Q: Do you grow your own agaves?

A: No, but we have contract with farmers and we supervise the care and development of the agaves.

Q: There is a trend and interest in tequila production in these years, to look at older production methods like using tahona and even earth ovens.

A: The tahona is not an oven, it is a circular stone used for moles and so get the agave juices

Q: Do you think these older methods adds something of value to the products?

A: In my personal opinion, No.

If you are interested in knowing more about Tequila 4 Vidas, their website may be found here: https://tequila4vidas.com/

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