Tau Tequila – a new, rising sun on the tequila scene

The tequila scene is always buzzing with rumours and press stories of older brands changing NOM’s, new owners, agave crises etc. And new brands coming up! One such new brand is Tau Tequila. Tau Tequila is the child of “Martín López Alvarez” from Jalisco. With a bright and colourful marketing and an excellent tequila, it looks promising. The blanco, which lays the foundation of the entire range of ageings, has all the qualities of a classic tequila, with its prominent agave taste and natural sweetness.

We made a short interview with Martín López Alvarez.

Q: When was Tau Tequila founded?

Tequila TAU was registered as a brand on February 22, 2017 and went on the market in May 2019.

Q: Who founded Tau Tequila?

Tau Tequila

Martín López Alvarez of “Tau Tequila”

Tequila TAU is the idea of ​​Martín López Alvarez and the brand is registered and marketed by Importadora y Exportadora MAVE, S.A. de C.V.

Q: Who runs Tau Tequila today?

Tequila TAU is managed by Martin López Alvarez

Q: What is your training in terms of education?

Master in Tax

Q: What is the address of Tau Tequila?

Gonzalez Gallo # 220, Colonia Centro in Jesús María, Jalisco, Mexico C.P. 47950

Q: What ageings are you producing?

We make the “classic three”. We produce Blanco, Reposado and Anejo?

Q: Where do you get the agave from? Do you have your own fields or buy agave in the market?

We only use mature agave from Los Altos de Jalisco (Arandas and Jesús María), the agaves are owned by the distillery company.

All Tau Tequila products

The Tau Tequila line of products

Q: Do you describe your tequila as “artisan”? What does that mean precisely in terms of production?

Tequila TAU is considered “Artisanal” because masonry furnaces and copper pot stills are used in its production.

Q: You are distilling in 1414 (Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados, S.A. de C.V.), which is a really excellent distillery … How did you find that distillery and who is the tequielero?

The big masonry oven at NOM 1414

The big masonry oven at NOM 1414

I am an advocate of good tequila, I like traditional manufacturing processes, I have known the 1414 distillery for at least 15 years and personally take care of my tequila lots and maturing barrels.

Q: You have a really beautiful graphic design. Can you explain the meaning of the two-headed bird in the bottle and the meaning of the word “Tau”?

The word tequila is itself a recognized brand in the world and each time with a connotation of good quality, hence the importance of creating a brand and a strong distinctive, that promotes our country and our cultures, that goes beyond the scope personal or emotional.

As such, we set out to review the cultures and traditions of our State and neighboring States, finding the presence of the Wixárika culture.

The ancient Wixárika culture has been recognized for its colorful clothing, customs and more for the meticulous work they do with the “Chaquira”.

In the religious part of this community, they consider the deer, peyote, corn and eagle as divine, all of them descendants of the sun god or TAU; therefore, TAU means god or sun for the Wixárika culture, without a doubt our tequila lives up to its name.

The two-headed bird is an eagle and the eagle is a divine bird in the Wixárika culture.

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