One With Life – Organic Tequila With Women In Mind

Tequila is a wonderful spirits with a multitude of different expressions. Some producers  stress the old spanish/mexican origin, some catch on to mexican popular culture and yet some, like “17.02.09”  find their inspiration for marketing in european modernism. And yet it is all tequila. One company has found it’s path in appealing to mindfulness and the, fortunately  growing interest in organic products.

One With Life Tequila i founded by Lisa Elovich in 2015 as a tequila brand with an organic profile. One With Life is distilled by Tequila Las Americas (NOM 1480) who produces a great number of really nice organic tequilas like IXA, 4 Copas and Tres Vidas.

Lisa ElowichLisa Elovich has followed her own nose during her career. Having worked as assistant district attorney in Manhattan, a deputy attorney general, a boxing promoter, she has now turned to tequila. And the attitude to this new venture is interesting. One With Life is certainly made with women in mind, and the inclusion of lots of mindfulness and life wisdom in the product makes for an original attitude towards marketing tequila.

Q: You are a tequila producer, but your background is somewhat unorthodox. No hacienda, no agave fields and no multimillion dollar business allowing you your own vanity brand. Can you tell a little about your background?

A: My background is mostly in the criminal justice field.   I worked as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan, deputy attorney general, administrative law judge, life coach, boxing promoter and now a tequila brand owner.  I want to be so many things but none define me.  It is important for people to follow their passion.   If you do, it doesn’t seem like work.  It makes life interesting when you change things up.  Tequila and me will be together for a while though.  I really enjoy being part of the tequila world.

Q: Doing organic tequila is certainly not the easiest of options. What made you choose to do organic tequila?

A: In my household we try to only have organic products.  It is good for our health and good for the environment.

Q: Do you think the organic tequila market will continue to grow as a special “organic” market or will it be a special trait within a market of quality tequila?

A: Yes I think organic products in general will continue to grow as people become more health conscious.

Q: The tequila business has a lot of small entrepreneurs and passionate idealists. Do you have any “idols” within the tequila business?

A: Yes Ken Austin of Avion Tequila is someone I respect and admire.   He has reached a high level of success yet does not have a big ego.  Other great tequila influence include Gonzalo Spindola ( and Mike Morales (

Q: Originally all tequila was blanco until it was decided to emulate the european spirits and do aging. You are only doing the blanco – why is that?

A: It is the most versatile and pure.  Also I am still getting my feet wet and learning the business.  I want to expand my distribution before adding another profile.

Los Americas

Q: Where do you have your tequila destilled and how did you find the distillery?

A: Tequila Las Americas.  I met Alvaro and Eladio Montes, Owners and Master Distillers and  loved their warmth, passion, honesty and work ethic.  Once I tasted their tequila, that was it!  I knew I had to go with this organic distillery.  I was introduced to them by Gonzalo Spindola  who is my consultant.

Q: Can you describe the flavor profille of “One With Life”?

A:  The flavor profile is a floral and citrus flavor on the front end and a vanilla finish.  It is a 100% Blue Agave with no additives whatsoever!    The flavors come directly from the Agave plant which is selected at its ripest point after 8 years.  It is  also cooked in a clay oven.  There is no diffuser/autoclave used.  That is what gives it its authentic, earthy and sweet taste.

Q: I really like the graphic design of the label and logo. Very elegant and utraditional. Is there a graphic artist behind it?

A: Yes Jeff Radden of Animated Arts.  He also designed my boxing posters.  He is very talented and knew how to capture the tranquil vibe we were looking for.

Q: Are you having any product development plans for the future?

A: Yes I would like to explore doing an anejo special edition for the holidays.    We are still in the start  up growth phase so I am taking it slow and learning what consumers want.   We keep moving forward and expect great things to happen with our brand in 2017 and beyond!

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