New mezcal brand ̔Pa Que No Me Olvides̕

The mezcal category grows with lightening speed and a LOT is happening, regarding regulations, new producers, new international and celebrity brands etc. But there is still room for small and humble, high quality brands also. We have made an interview with a new and young mezcal producer, Judith from the brand “Pa Que No Me Olvides”.

What is the name of your mezcal brand? Pa Que No Me Olvides, which translates to “so you don’t forget me”.

What is the inspiration for brand name, logos and so forth? I consider our “ancestral” mezcal high quality, which you will not forget! The artwork is typical of the region of Oaxaca. It represents the tree of life, a tribute to ancestral characteristics including gods, textures, animals, flowers and colors. My longtime friend Francisco Cervantes made the logo. He is an extremely gifted painter.

What kind of products do you have? We offer mezcals including distillados, pechugas, and ensambles. We have a Tobalá distilled with tea. Espadin distilled with mango. Pechugas are traditionally consumed during cultural celebrations. They are distillates of fruits & flowers, and may also include the cooked breast of turkeys, chickens, roosters, or wild animals. A truly unique mezcal. Ensambles are mezcals of two or more agaves. Ours is a flavorful blend of Espadin, Tobalá, and Cuishe.

Tobalá Agave. Note the small size of this, mature, plant!

What kind of agaves are you using? Espadin, Tobalá, Cuishe, Jabalí, Mexicano, Coyote, Arroqueño, and Tepeztate. Espadins are typically farmed whereas the others are primarily grown in the wild. Maturation times var,y from 6-8 years for Espadin to nearly 30 years for wild agaves “silvestres”.

How do you produce your mezcals? Are you using steam ovens or ground ovens? We solely use the ancestral method, utilizing clay pots, whereas artesanal is in copper pots. The agaves are cooked in stone pit ovens.

Which state does your mezcal come from? Oaxaca, in a village close to Ocotlán. The vast majority of mezcal produced comes from Oaxaca. Tequila is to Jalisco as mezcal is to Oaxaca!

Where and through which channels are you selling the product? I sell locally in Oaxaca, Tijuana, California, and Texas. Wholesale and retail channels.

What is your background? My background is in theater. I direct plays and also teach theater to pre-university students.

Judith from a “Que No Me Olvides”

What made you take an interest in mezcal production? My grandfather was a mezcal aficionado. He was almost always seen with a mezcal in hand. He introduced me to so many wonderful varieties. I learned so much from him.

If you have become interested in tasting the Pa Que No Me Olvides, it can be bought from Haus des Mezcal .

Pa Que No Me Olvides

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