Mezcal Madrona relaunched

Mezcal Madrona relaunched

Here it is, the beautiful new Mezcal Madrona, with its sleek and elegant design

Mezcal Madrona is relaunching and rebranding their popular mezcal. At TequilaList, we have made a mini interview with them.

Q: New bottles with a more masculine and “square design” and a less flowery logo… Have you had any considerations regarding your change of profile?

A: We are preparing a re-launch of the brand and introduction to international markets and we wanted to give it a whole new look. Our design is much more clean and modern, and the logo is a traditional Mexican “barro negro”. Barro Negro is an ancient and very distinct Oaxacan potterystyle. It is very popular and the “Barro Negro” style of products are still very much used.

Q: New bottles and logo… what about the mezcal? Is it still based on Espadin?

A: Yes, it’s still espadín. We will also launch espadín with natural orange infusion. As always, our products are 100% artisanal.

Q: It seems you habe stopped producing aged versions of your mezcal?… Why is that?

A: We have seen that the largest market is for clear Mezcal and so we want to focus on that.

Q: How is the business going – are you growing in the market? Mezcal is exploding in popularity – the market must be tough….?

A: We are in the process of re-launching and obtaining export/import approvals, which we hope to have very soon.

Mezcal Madrona


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