Artisanal Glasses for Tequila and Mezcal

Riedel Glass El Arenal

Riedel Glass El Arenal

The drinking experiences encompasses multiple experiences. There’s the taste ofcourse, but also the olfactory and visual ingredients. The tequila/mezcal smells nice, tastes nice and may be beautiful to merely look at. But, a sometimes overlooked part of the drinking experience is the glassware.

How does the glass feel in the hand? Is it heavy? Is it slim and tall, like the Riedel glass or squat and heavy like some whisky glasses. There’s a tactile dimension to the glass enhances all the other sensual experiences.

Romeo Hristov from Austin, Texas, has started a webshop for luxury drinkware for tequila and mezcal handcrafted in Mexico. The drinking vessels are made by some of the absolute best glass engravers, glass blowers, silversmiths and ceramic artists, and offer a unique combination of functionality, beauty, and the artistic legacy of Mexico.

The shop, “Chisholm Trail Craft Glasses” may be found at .

Later this year we at shall make an interview with Romeo Hristov.


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