Having fun with package design for Kah Tequila mini bottles

Kah Tequila produces the world most cute minibottles. Small toylike bottles with unique decorations and very good tequila. The bottles size makes them perfect gifts and they have been a nice article in the tequilashop at Tequila.dk.

One thing IS missing however. We would sorely have liked the bottles to have a nice giftbox, or packaging if you like. It would be really nice to make a big display with the bottles or be able to have them in retail stores, but without proper packaging they are not easy sells in retail. So… why not let the imagination run wild and figure out some packaging ourselves 🙂

Pen and paper and loupe

Bring out pen and paper! And a loupe for weary eyes

Reposado package for Kah Tequila

Ah colors and strange shapes. This is going to look neat!



Things are shaping up. We want the box to look like a small coffin in compliance with the skull look of the bottles. Having glued, painted, used scalpels (and only cut the fingers twice) and folded a lot of paper, we have reached a model which can be folded out of one single piece of light cardboard.

Having toyed around a bit more and gotten my desk really messy and my fingers sticky with glue, I finally put together three versions of the little coffin for the Kah Tequila minibottles. Hopefully some day I shall be able to have a version produced more professionally 🙂

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