Get delicious mexican food & tequila on Fuenen, Denmark! will guide you to the good places in Denmark, where you can eat good mexican
food AND enjoy a quality tequila or mezcal

Restaurant Caramba, Denmark

The Restaurant Caramba in Nyborg on Fuenen, is one of the oldest mexican restaurants in Denmark and is a solid and beloved part of the culinary life of Nyborg.

Caramba resides very beautifully on Slotsgade 9 right beside the old medieval rampart and close to Nyborg Castle and the yearly pageants. We are going to have a small chat with the cook and owner, Kim Pauli Nielsen

Q: When did you open the restaurant?
A: The restaurant opened the first of october 1999, so I have been going for quite some time now.

Q: What was your background?
A: I had been working with mexican food for a good number of years and had fallen in love with the cuisine. I also had some experience working as a kitchen manager.

Restaurant Caramba

Q: Why did you pick on mexican food as the basis for your restaurant?
A: I never really chose mexican food. It was rather mexican food that chose me. It is simple, yet complex, and well suited to prepare in larger quantities and and it has very little waste. And then again, it is a delicious mixture of spicy dishes and vegetables.

Q: Have you ever traveled to Mexico?
A: No – to the surprise of many, I have never been in Mexico.

Restaurant Caramba

The cozy interior of Restaurant Caramba in Nyborg, Denmark

Q: Do you have any favourite dishes?
A: No. I don’t really have any favourite dishes but chimichangas is one dish which I never tire of.

Q: Does your guests have any favourites?
A: Enchiladas is always a hit, but I my think my Chili Con Carne has the most afficionados

Q: What is you relationsship to tequila/mezcal?
A: I really can appreciate a good glass of tequila, but I rarely drink hard liquor. I prefer the reposados, where the tequila taste has been softend a bit, but it still keeps the distinctive agave aroma and flavour. And I need to confess… I prefer drinking it with salt and lime, even if it makes me a barbarian.

Q: Does your guests like and drink tequila and do they know what it is?
A: My visitors generally do like my tequilas, but I suspect few really understand what makes a good tequila.

Restaurant Caramba, Fuenen, Denmark

Q: What can tequila do you offer your guests in the retaurant?
A: I have quite a large selection: Kah, Patron, Aha Toro, Casa Vieja, Amate, el Jimador, Herradura, Casa Noble, Don Fulano, Porfidio, Stolen Kiss, Corralejo, San Mathias, Viva Mexico, Olmeca, José Cuervo reposado, Sierra Reposado. I only have one mezcal yet – the Gusano Rojo.

Q: Do you have any good stories to tell?
A: The restaurant is MOSTLY for people to come and dine. Nevertheless I had a bunch of college students coming in for a longish period for shots when they went to town. Quite amusing and entertaing group of young people in an otherwise quiet restaurant.

Opening hours for Restaurant Caramba, contact info etc.

Opening hours:
Restaurant Carambatuesday-thursday 17-22,
Friday- Saturday 17-23.
Sunday and Monday are closed.
You may reach me at:
telephone: 65 301 103 or
TEXT on: 24241503

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