“Elections over”, or “Recycling Promises into Tequila Joy”

08Elections for parlament are over in Denmark. Politicians spoke and promised to no end and now it is all over.
Except for the posters… Driving through the streets one is greeted by endless rows of now defunct posters with promises hanging high above the ground.
Most promises are from the realm of unicorns, but at Tequila.dk we have taken it upon ourselves to make those posters into something truly usefull. So here comes your guide to transforming promises into true recycled joy.
  1. Grab on of those posters. Make sure your candidate has chosen to back up his or hers promises with sturdy polyethylene. Some of the candidates seems to have cheapend out and gone for – now wet – masonite. Don’t go there!*01
  2. Put your chosen bottle on the poster. As you can see we went for a Creencias Reposado. Creencias means “Our beliefs” by the way. Fittingly, we think02
  3. Now draw a foldable box. Remember using rulers. Rulers are good!04
  4. Use a nice sharp sissor and liberate your box from the surrounding poster material
  5. Fold the box and use some sturdy duct tape to put it together. Now these promises of political action have been recycled into the rebirth of the truly fulfillable promises of a good time with a nice organic 100% Agave Tequila.0506We believe there is good karma to be found here! 08

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