Danish 2019 Tequila and Mezcal Awards

2019 is quickly rushing out of the door with 2020 on its heels. This, the centurys last teen year, has been a good year for all things agave spirits. We have seen a rapid growth in good tequila and mezcal brands and a rising awareness in what tequila and mezcal is about. Mezcal has gotten itself some very good categories which aim at preserving the old traditions of mezcal making in an industry in extremely rapid groth. Tequila has recieved a growing and healthy attention to the ecological impact of its massive production within a limited geographical area.

In Scandinavia, Denmark has just announced it’s yearly industry award, “Best Tequila” and “Best Mezcal”. This year the awards goes to “Cascahuin Tequila” and “Los Danzantes Mezcal”. Both brands which certainly are worthy recipients. The awards may be found at Tequila.dk

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