The British TequilaFest is back!

Nevermind Brexit – the brits DO know what is good – they are busily working on the fourth yearly tequila and mezcal festival on the 7th-8th October 2017 !

Always interested in everything tequila, TequilaList called the nice people behind the festival for a small interview.


What is the Tequilafest?

Tequila & Mezcal was the first festival of it’s kind in the UK organised almost 4 years ago, born with the objective of promoting the agave spirits to consumers and educate on how to drink them.

When did it come about?


What is the backstory?

Eduardo Gomez with a background in Mexico came te Britain only to discover that the country have very little knowledge about agave spirits and tequila. In 2014 –  having work for some 10 years with a couple of companies, he decided to make the first tequila festival in Britain. Agave spirits has been and is a constantly misunderstood drink. Perhaps because of the way it has been promoted for several years ago missing the key fact that they are artisanal products, with many years of history. People normally relate Tequila with the worst hangover, without know the factors making this:

1) Drinking in shots after mixing different drinks

2) Drinking in one go a cheap liquid not differencing a mixto or 100% agave product

3) Missing the valuable hard work and the several years that takes to produce one batch.

Who is behind ?

Eduardo Gomez is the Director and Founder, plus team member helping behind as partnership and in logistics. You may find a small video clip with the man himself here: Eduardo Gomez is not entirely alone though. He has teamed up with Paola Bridge-Collyns for marketing and and Oliver Vellegas as Art Director

Here is the team behind the TequilaFest: Eduardo Gomez, Paola Bridge-Collyns and Oliver Villegas








How many brands are aboard?

It varies but it could be more than 30 brands. Beside tequila we also have numerous mezcals, Raicilla and Sotol. Our festival is an excellent opportunity to taste a vast number of high quality agave brands.


Besides the tastings there will be master classes by mayor brands like Cuervo and Patron, but also lectures on artisanal mezcal.

Tequila Brands

With a line up like this, it can’t be all bad!

Is there a british tequila community?

Yes!! A very strong tequila community but as a whole a big agave family community, normally supported for the same brand importers such as wholesalers and Brand Ambassdors.

How does one participate in the tequilafest?

Brands, wholesalers, can booking a showcase stand directly with us, them either based in the UK or looking for the opportunity to be introduce in the market.

Is there a program for the fest?

Yes, masterclasses providing for the industry gurus, live entertainment and more. This is normally completed a month before the festival in our website

The name – Tequilafest – how did that come about? It seems to connote something different and more active than “festival” or “fair” or “event”…?

Basically Tequila is the strongest spirit known around the world, but also our connote is Tequila & Mezcal Fest, giving the opportunity to open more knowledge about of the rest of the agave spirits, such as stool, raicilla, bacanora.

Who should participate?

Hospitality industry and public in general

Where is it?

Boiler House London

Taking place in the Boiler House Brick Lane, East London.

Buy tickets!

If you would like to participate in this wonderful event, you may buy your tickets here:

Here is a small video intro to the festivals back story.


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