Best Tequila and Best Mezcal 2023

“The Agave Court” in Denmark, has awarded Best Tequila & Best Mezcal for the 8th time since 2016.

The winners are chosen through four tastings at the “Agavehoffet” (The Agave Court), an event focused on spreading knowledge about tequila & mezcal (and to some extent, Mexican cultural history).

The winner of Best Tequila 2023

La Serpiente Emplumada Tequila Anejo

Best tequila 2023

La Serpiente Emplumada Tequila Anejo is round, sweet with notes of oak, a hint of vanilla and coconut. The agave provides a soft, rich base of aroma and flavor. La Serpiente Emplumada Tequila Anejo is a classic, aged tequila at a reasonable price.


Winner of Best Mezcal 2023

Memorable Mezcal Tepeztate

Best mezcal 2023

Mezcal of the Year is Mezcal Memorable Tepeztate Joven. Tepeztate is probably the most popular agave variety for making mezcal these days. It’s light, crisp and fresh with great complexity. Mezcal Memorable Tepeztate Joven has all these qualities and also a fine sweetness with an almost implied smoky aroma. A very elegant product.

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