70 years of Don Julio

It is said that quality Tequila was invented by Julio González back in 1942. He was just 17 years old when he began producing Tequila from the distillery La Primavera. As possibly one of the very first, young Julio González saw the potential of Tequila as not just a drink consumed by the (not so well off) masses, but also a quality liquor for connaisseur. He continuously perfected his product, which was called Tres Magueyes. He finally was so satisfied with the result that he would call it Don Julio. It’s the legacy of Don Julio that is now celebrated with the release of the World first añejo claro called Don Julio 70 – well 70 years after it all began in the Jalisco highlands.

Quality Tequila Don Julio

70 years of Don Julio is celebrated with the Worlds first añejo claro – Don Julio 70

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